Revolut is a global fintech company founded in 2015 and headquartered in London. Our mission now is to help our customers improve their financial health, empower them to have more control, and promote financial cohesion across the communities in which we operate.

In 2019, Revolut was named Deloitte's fastest growing UK FinTech company. With over 10 million Personal account users, and a quarter of a million Business users, the pace and scale of customer uptake demonstrate the vast need across the globe for better financial services.

As our customer base has boomed in the last year, we've expanded our team to match that growth. We started 2019 with several hundred employees; we've closed it out with almost 2000. We have more than 20 offices all over the world: London, Cracow, Berlin, Porto, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Singapore, New York, etc.

The platform is written in Java 11, part of services are written in Kotlin. We don't use big frameworks like Spring, but we follow TDD and DDD. In frontend development we work with JS, React, Redux, TypeScript.

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